Commercial Stone Specialists


PGS treated a polished marble bar top at a Marriott hotel. We removed the acid etching from all the alcohol and lemons.


What this and most bar tops need is our exclusive 

TUFF SKIN surface protector!  Click the Tuff Skin tab to learn more about our exclusive service in the Colorado area. 



Exterior stone is exposed to the elements which not only create a discolored surface needing restoration, but depending on the type of epoxy and grouts used, it can slowly deteriorate and cause some stone pieces to fall off and need specialty repairs.


This photo shows how a small lamination came off the steps. PGS would source the stone, re-attach the lamination and refinish it smooth.


All types of exterior stone experience wear and "erosion" which need maintenance and repairs. 

The granite fountain at Pepperdine University had moisture and discoloration issues. Perfect Granite Solutions was able to apply texture to the smoother tiles and treat the entire fountain to a like new finish. Stone exposed to water must be treated properly to help prevent future damage or pre-mature wear.


Many restaurants and bars have a stone finish called, "Honed". Honed finishes are not polished and show minimal reflection at an angle.  A duller or honed finish does hide etches from juice and lemons more than polished.  Honed finishes also can be maintained with common abrasive cleaners. 


PGS can change the finish from polish to honed or restore the existing honed finish. We will give you the best solution to maintaining your beautiful and timeless stone surfaces.